Cryptocurrencies are one of biggest and fastest growing markets in the world. There are over one thousands currencies in circulation all with its own unique value and purpose. Digital currencies that utilize encryption to generate money and verify transactions. Virtual currency investors have seen a lifetime’s worth of gains in time spans less than a year!



We give you the tools to grow your knowledge on cryptocurrencies, from newbie to advanced trading techniques, we also cover history and reasoning behind the massive growth of the market and ways to look out for investment opportunities. 


With cryptocurrencies being a very new market leaves it open to possible unsafe activity such as hacking. We make sure we run you through the whole process so you can be as safe as possible when using all the platforms and exchanges.


We offer ongoing support throughout, we have a strong and dedicated team focused on giving our students at the academy all the support they need to consistantly make the best decisions in cryptocurrencies. 

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Advanced Alt Coins

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